And Church Blessings

Getting married is tremendously exciting – getting married in Church is even better!

When two people make their Marriage Vows to one another in Church, they are entering into a new way of life that is a Sacrament – God blesses their union and gives them grace, to live into the serious promises and commitment their Vows express. Wedding rings are the visible part of this new way of life – God’s presence in the marriage is invisible but is still real and makes the difference that marks a Church Wedding out from all others.

If you live anywhere in Bro Enlli (or have a qualifying connection with the Parish Church*) you may be able to get married in any of our seven Churches. There will be certain preparations, which will involve planning meetings with our Clergy, the reading out in church of your Banns of Marriage, doing what is best for you as a couple in preparation for marriage.

For more details of how to be married in any of our churches and the costs, either contact one of the Clergy directly or fill in the enquiry form below and one of our Clergy will contact you.

*for details on ‘qualifying connection’, contact any of our Clergy

    No Weddings during the season of Lent