Welcome to The Ministry Area of Bro Enlli

Welcome to our family of seven Anglican churches which stretch from the market town of Pwllheli along the beautiful and stunning southern coastline of The Llŷn Peninsula towards Aberdaron.

Bro is a Welsh word that infers a distinct geographical area. Enlli is the Sacred Island that the pilgrim paths, connecting all of our churches lead to, at the end of the Peninsula.

We are an Inclusive Church, within the Bangor Diocese of The Church in Wales, which have sought to Worshipping God, Grow the Church and Love the World since the 6th century.

Christianity has been a living faith on the Llyn Peninsula for well over 1400 years. The fact that so many of the churches in the area are dedicated to the saints of those early years bears testimony to the fact that the Christian faith has been cherished and continues to be cherished since those early days. Almost all of those early Christian Celtic saints who converted the people of Wales were travelling missionaries. The location of sites dedicated to these early missionaries indicates that they settled in our area and thus began the mission that we ourselves in these modern days are privileged to continue. The people of the Llŷn Peninsula have welcomed pilgrims and visitors for a thousand years and it is wonderful that we are able to welcome YOU to our churches.

Service Times

Sunday Services

Church of the Holy Cross, Llannor
Sunday Eucharist 11:30am (Welsh)
St Cian, Llangian
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Engan’s Church, Llanengan 9am (English)
St Engan, Llanengan
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Cian’s Church, Llangian 9am (English)
St Hywyn, Aberdaron
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
St Maelrhys, Llanfaelrhys
Sunday Evening Prayer 2pm (Welsh)
3rd Sunday of month Eucharist 2pm (Bilingual)
St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Sunday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)

Midweek Services

St Hywyn, Aberdaron
Thursday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Wednesday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
Wednesday Bible Study 11am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Tuesday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
Friday Benediction 3pm (Bilingual)
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What’s On

Within Bro Enlli there are often events beyond our Sunday and midweek services. Concerts, celebratory services, exhibitions, coffee mornings etc. and much more.

You can find out what’s happening in any of our churches through the google calendar and download the information to your device.


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Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
18 Hydrerf, Gwyl St Luc yr Efengylydd a Ffisigwr.
Y Cymun Bendigaid gyda gweddïau am iachâd yn Eglwys St Pedr, Pwllheli, am 6pm.

18 October, Feast of St Luke, Evangelist and Physician.
Holy Eucharist with prayers for healing at St Peter's Church, Pwllheli, at 6pm.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Letter from Andrew

Dear all
I do hope that you are all well and safe - much love and prayers to you.
A few announcements first:
- services this Sunday: 9am Llangian / 10am Llanbedrog / 10-30 Pwllheli / 10-30 Aberdaron / 11-30 Llannor / 2pm Llanfaelrhys
- mid-week services: Tuesday 10-30 Pwllheli / Wednesday 10am Llanbedrog / Thursday 10-30 Aberdaron / Friday 3pm Pwllheli
- Monday is the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist and there will be special service of Healing in St. Peter's at 6pm
- there will be a MAC (PCC) meeting in Pwllheli church on the 21st of October at 6pm - an important meeting
- Bro Enlli website: www.broenlli.com

Bethlelhem Journey ....
This morning we are back on the coach and today we are heading south from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. As we begin the journey one of the pilgrims reads from the book of the prophet Isaiah (chapter 9, verses 2-7) where, about 500 years before the birth of Jesus, the great prophet speaks about a 'Prince of Peace' who will one day be born in Bethlehem.

All of us had been looking forward to visiting this most famous city and to be at the place where Christ was born. Generally speaking, Bethlehem is a very poor city but at its centre lies the magnificent Church of the Nativity - a huge church built over that cave in which Jesus was born. Although there is no reference in the gospels to a cave as such, there are many examples throughout Israel of buildings built over ancient caves and especially in the vicinity of Bethlehem. Bearing in mind the significance of the birth of Jesus, it was only natural for a church to be built over that birth place very early on - this is possibly the oldest church in the world. Today the small chapel in the crypt of the church (the cave) is open all day and every day and thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit this holy place each day. It is probable that more prayers are offered here than anywhere else in the world. One of the striking and memorable things about this holy site is the sound of people from across the globe singing well-known carols in their own different languages - all respectful of the different languages. Because of the love of God, Jesus, who was made man and born in a stable (or cave), continues to be a living experience for each one of us today.

And so after another lovely lunch, this time in a great Italian restaurant quite close to the Church of the Nativity, we get back on the coach and head towards another two very interesting and beautiful sites just outside Bethlehem.

As we approach these two sites we pause for a moment to read from John's Gospel (chapter 10, verses 7-21) where Jesus speaks about shepherds and refers to himself as the Good Shepherd. The two churches that we are about to visit are believed to have been built over the site where the angels greeted the shepherds on that first Christmas Eve. The first church is a Greek Orthodox Church and the second one is a Roman Catholic Church cared for by a very active Fransciscan order - committed to providing hospitality to pilgrims. As we visit both churches we have the opportunity to reflect on Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and the encounter between the shepherds and angels. What is striking about this visit is that the churches are located close to a hillside where shepherds continue to tend their flocks today.

The work of the shepherd then, as it is today, is to care for the flock. It is noticeable that in doing so some shepherds lead their flocks by calling them to follow, whilst others lead from behind and pushing the flock forward by throwing small stones to ensure that they move on! In the same way Jesus as the Good Shepherd continues to lead us on in our own journeys of life as we hear his voice of calling. Sometimes, however, obstructions come our way and it is hard to hear his voice of calling - at those times the Good Shepherd may well be leading us from behind and encouraging us by throwing the odd 'stone' to move us on in the right direction - over the years I have certainly felt the encouragement of the 'odd stone' from behind!!

And so back to Jerusalem and to the Cathedral hotel to rest before heading off to Jericho tomorrow.

God With Us in Bethlehem
a frail human baby born in a cattle shed -
in such a manner
God made his home among us
that we might be drawn to him
through his very defencelessness.
There were none to deny entry
to that Bethlehem stable;
no security locks,
no guards,
no barriers of any kind;
indeed, no Christ,
God came to break all barriers down.

To respond to that love
which risks all in reaching out to us
we surely must also take risks
in reaching out to others.
Risk being misunderstood;
risk having our overtures rejected;
risk becoming vulnerable, defenceless.

How else can the true Bethlehem message
be transmitted?
How else
can the word of peace
the word of reconciliation,
become flesh in us?

(Edmund Banyard)

With much love
Andrew x
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
LLythyr oddi wrth Andrew
Annwyl bawb
Mawr obeithiaf eich bod yn iach ac yn saff - llawer o gariad a gweddiau atoch.
Ychydig o gyhoeddiadau i gychwyn:
- gwasanaethau'r Sul yma: 9am Llangian / 10am Llanbedrog / 10-30 Pwllheli / 10-30 Aberdaron / 11-30 Llannor / 2pm Llanfaelrhys
- gwasanaethau'r wythnos: Mawrth 10-30 Pwllheli / Mercher 10am Llanbedrog / Iau 10-30 Aberdaron / Gwener 3pm Pwllheli
- fe fydd yna gyfarfod o'r CAW (PCC) yn eglwys Pwllheli, Hydref 21 am 6 o'r gloch - cyfarfod pwysig
- rydym yn dathlu Gwyl Sant Luc ddydd Llun ac fe fydd yna wasanaeth Iachau arbennig yn Sant Pedr am 6 o'r gloch
- gwefan Bro Enllii: www.broenlli.com

Teithio Bethehem ......
A dyma ni unwaith eto ar y bws ar ein ffordd y tro hwn i ddinas Bethlehem ac wrth i ni gychwyn fe fydd un o'r pererinion yn darllen darn o lyfr y proffwyd Eseia (pennod 9, adnodau 2-7) lle mae Eseia, tua 500 mlynedd cyn genedigaeth Crist, yn son am 'Dywysog Tangnefedd' a fydd un diwrnod yn cael ei eni ym Methlehem.
'Roeddem wedi edrych ymlaen yn fawr i ymweld a Bethlehem a chael gweld y safle lle ganed Crist. A dyma ni 'nawr yn ninas Bethlehem! Dinas digon tlawd ydyw Bethlehem erbyn heddiw a phrif nodwedd y ddinas yw Eglwys yr Enedigaeth sy'n adeilad enfawr a adeiladwyd uwchben yr ogof lle ganed Crist. Er nad oes cyfeiriad yn yr Efengylau at Iesu yn cael ei eni mewn 'ogof' ceir sawl engraifft o breswylfeydd cyntefig wedi eu hadeiladu uwchben ogofeydd yn Israel ac yn enwedig yn yr ardal hon. Gan gofio pwysigrwydd achlysur geni'r Iesu byddai'n naturiol i ystyried safle'r geni yn ganolfan tra phwysig ac i eglwys gael ei hadeiladu uwchben y safle hwn yn fuan iawn - o bosibl dyma'r eglwys fwyaf hunafol yn y byd cyfan! Bellach mae'r capel bychan yr yr eglwys sy'n cartrefu ogof y geni yn agored bob dydd o'r flwyddyn a daw miloedd o bererinion o bob rhan o'r byd i ymweld a'r safle. O bosibl offrymir mwy o weddiau yma nag yn unman arall yn y byd. Un o'r pethau y byddwn yn gofio am ein hymweliad a'r eglwys hon fydd yr holl bobl yn canu carolau adnabyddus yn eu hieithoedd eu hunain - a pawb yn parchu iaith y naill a'r llall. Oherwydd cariad Duw y mae Iesu a wnaethpwyd yn ddyn ac a aned mewn preseb neu ogof, yn parhau i fod yn brofiad byw inni heddiw.

Ac felly ar ol cinio awyr agored arall - y tro hwn mewn gwesty Eidaleg yn agos at Eglwys yr Enedigaeth - awn yn ol ar y bws a gwneud ein ffordd at ddau le arbennig iawn ochr arall i ddinas Bethlehem.

Wrth i ni agosau at y ddau le nesaf dyma un o'r pererinion yn darllen darn o Efengyl Ioan (pennod 10, adnodau 7-21) lle mae Iesu yn son am Fugeiliaid ac yn disgrifio ei hyn fel y 'Bugail Da'. Felly dyma droi ein camau i ymweld a dwy eglwys arall - dwy eglwys sydd a chysylltiad arbennig a'r traddodiad ynglyn ag ymweliad yr angylion a'r bugeiliaid ar y noswyl Nadolig cyntaf hwnnw. Credir bod yr eglwysi wedi eu hadeiladu ar yr union safleoedd y bu i'r angylion ymweld a'r bugeiliaid. Eglwys Uniongred yw'r naill, tra gwarchodir yr ail gan Urdd Gatholig y Fransisciaid - y ddwy eglwys yn cynnig croeso cynnes i bererinion. Tra'n ymweld a'r eglwysi cawsom gyfle i fyfyrio ar siwrne Mair a Joseff a phrofiad y bugeiliaid gyda'r angylion, a daeth y profiad yn fyw iawn wrth inni wylio'r bugeiliaid cyfoes wrth eu gwaith yn gwarchod eu defaid ar lethrau Bethlehem.

Gwaith y bugail yw tywys a gofalu'n dyner am ei praidd. Tra bod rhai bugeiliaid yn tywys eu defaid trwy alw arnynt i'w dilyn, arwain eraill o'r cefn gan daflu ambell i garreg fach i sicrhau bod y defaid yn symyd ymlaen. Yn yr un modd gofala Iesu yn dyner amdanom ni. Pan glywn ei lais yn galw ymdrechwn i'w ddilyn a chyflawni ei ewyllys. Weithiau, fodd bynnag, daw rhwystredigaethau i'n hatal rhag cyflawni ei ewyllys. Ar yr adegau hyn bydd y 'Bugail Da' yn gweithredu o'r tu cefn gan roddi hwb inni i'r cyfeiriad cywir - a thaflu ambell i garreg fach - er sicrhau ein bod yn cyflawni ewyllys Duw. Yn wir dros y blynyddoedd dwi wedi teimlo anogaeth y cerrig bychan!!

Ac felly yn ol i Jerwsalem ac i lety'r Gadeirlan i ymlacio cyn cychwyn am Jericho yfory.

O! Deued Pob Cristion

O! Deued pob Cristion i Fethlem yr awron
I weled mor dirion yw'n Duw:
O! ddyfnder rhyfeddol! fe drefnodd y Duwdod
Dragwyddol gyfamod i fyw!
Daeth Brenin yr hollfyd i oedfa ein hadfyd
Er symud ein penyn a'n pwn;
Heb le yn y llety, heb aelwyd, heb wely -
Nadolig fel hynny gadd Hwn!
Rhown glod i'r Mab bychan, ar liniau Mair wiwlan -
Daeth Duwdod mewn baban i'n byd;
Ei ras O dderbyniwn - ei haeddiant cyhoeddwn,
A throsto Ef gweithiwn i gyd.

Tywysog tangnefedd wna'n daear o'r diwedd
Yn aelwyd gyfannedd i fyw;
Ni fegir cenfigen, na chynnwrf, na chynnen -
Dan goron bydd diben ein Duw.
Yn frodyr i'n gilydd, drigolion y gwledydd,
Cawn rodio yn hafddydd y nef;
Ein disgwyl yn Salem, i ganu yr anthem
Ddechreuwyd ym Methem, mae Ef.
Rhown glod i'r Mab bychan, ar liniau Mair wiwlan -
Daeth Duwdod mewn baban i'n byd!
Ei ras O derbyniwn - ei haeddiant cyhoeddwn,
A throsto Ef gweithiwn i gyd.

(Seiliedig ar Hen Garol Gymreig)

Gyda llawer o gariad
Andrew x
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Ein gwasanaethau yn ystod yr wythnos...
Our services during the week...
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Offrymwn ein gweddïau dros y diweddar David Amess am iddo gael gorffwys mewn hedd, dros ei deulu yn eu poen a'u galar, a thros ein gwlad am i ni gael cyd-fyw mewn cymdeithas gyfiawn a heddychlon.

We offer our prayers for David Amess that he may rest in peace, for all his family in their pain and grief, and for our country that we may live in a just society and in peaceful coexistence.


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Due to the lifting of  some Covid-19 safety restrictions all of our churches are now open for regular services.

The wearing of masks & social distancing are obligatory.  At Eucharist Services only communion wafers are given.