Welcome to The Ministry Area of Bro Enlli

Welcome to our family of seven Anglican churches which stretch from the market town of Pwllheli along the beautiful and stunning southern coastline of The Llŷn Peninsula towards Aberdaron.

Bro is a Welsh word that infers a distinct geographical area. Enlli is the Sacred Island that the pilgrim paths, connecting all of our churches lead to, at the end of the Peninsula.

We are an Inclusive Church, within the Bangor Diocese of The Church in Wales, which have sought to Worshipping God, Grow the Church and Love the World since the 6th century.

Christianity has been a living faith on the Llyn Peninsula for well over 1400 years. The fact that so many of the churches in the area are dedicated to the saints of those early years bears testimony to the fact that the Christian faith has been cherished and continues to be cherished since those early days. Almost all of those early Christian Celtic saints who converted the people of Wales were travelling missionaries. The location of sites dedicated to these early missionaries indicates that they settled in our area and thus began the mission that we ourselves in these modern days are privileged to continue. The people of the Llŷn Peninsula have welcomed pilgrims and visitors for a thousand years and it is wonderful that we are able to welcome YOU to our churches.

Service Times

Sunday Services

Church of the Holy Cross, Llannor
Sunday Eucharist 11:30am (Welsh)
St Cian, Llangian
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Engan’s Church, Llanengan 9am (English)
St Engan, Llanengan
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Cian’s Church, Llangian 9am (English)
St Hywyn, Aberdaron
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
St Maelrhys, Llanfaelrhys
Sunday Evening Prayer 2pm (Welsh)
3rd Sunday of month Eucharist 2pm (Bilingual)
St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Sunday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)

Midweek Services

St Hywyn, Aberdaron
Thursday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Wednesday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
Wednesday Bible Study 11am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Tuesday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
Friday Benediction 3pm (Bilingual)
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What’s On

Within Bro Enlli there are often events beyond our Sunday and midweek services. Concerts, celebratory services, exhibitions, coffee mornings etc. and much more.

You can find out what’s happening in any of our churches through the google calendar and download the information to your device.


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Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Rydym wrth ein bodd yn rhannu’r newyddion bod yr Archesgob wedi penodi Archddiacon Bangor, Mary Stallard, yn Esgob Cynorthwyol yn Esgobaeth Bangor.
Llongyfarchiadau mawr iddi hi a gweddïwn am fendith Duw arni hi a'i theulu wrth iddi baratoi ar gyfer y bennod newydd hon.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Llongyfarchiadau mawr i'r Tad David ac edrychwn ymlaen yn fawr at ei groesawu
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Llun o ffenest Eglwys St Hywyn, Aberdaron ar wal deintyddfa Miles Kershaw ym Mrynbuga. Mae’r llun yn helpu i dawelu meddyliau ei gleifion.

Photo of a window in St Hywyn's Church, Aberdaron, on the wall of Miles Kershaw's dental practice in Usk, which helps to calm his patient's.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
January 1st is the feast day of St Maelrhys. The Llan and now tiny medieval church above Porth Ysgo stretch back 1500 years.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Tad Rhun yn darllen Gweddi'r Pererin 4 yn Cymraeg tu allan Eglwys St Hywyn.

Fr Rhun reading Pilgrim Prayer 4 in Welsh with English subtitles.

Written by Jim Cotter former vicar of St Hywyn, the book is for sale in the church shop.

Bro Enlli
Pererindod yr Adfent 4 | An Advent pilgrimage 4Y Parchedig Rhun ap Robert - Arweinydd Ardal Weinidogaeth Bro EnlliThe Reverend Rhun ap Robert - Ministry Area...


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Due to the lifting of  some Covid-19 safety restrictions all of our churches are now open for regular services.

The wearing of masks & social distancing are obligatory.  At Eucharist Services only communion wafers are given.