Welcome to The Ministry Area of Bro Enllis

Welcome to our family of seven Anglican churches which stretch from the market town of Pwllheli along the beautiful and stunning southern coastline of The Llŷn Peninsula towards Aberdaron.

Bro is a Welsh word that infers a distinct geographical area. Enlli is the Sacred Island that the pilgrim paths, connecting all of our churches lead to, at the end of the Peninsula.

We are an Inclusive Church, within the Bangor Diocese of The Church in Wales, which have sought to Worshipping God, Grow the Church and Love the World since the 6th century.

Christianity has been a living faith on the Llyn Peninsula for well over 1400 years. The fact that so many of the churches in the area are dedicated to the saints of those early years bears testimony to the fact that the Christian faith has been cherished and continues to be cherished since those early days. Almost all of those early Christian Celtic saints who converted the people of Wales were travelling missionaries. The location of sites dedicated to these early missionaries indicates that they settled in our area and thus began the mission that we ourselves in these modern days are privileged to continue. The people of the Llŷn Peninsula have welcomed pilgrims and visitors for a thousand years and it is wonderful that we are able to welcome YOU to our churches.

Service Times

Sunday Services

Church of the Holy Cross, Llannor
Sunday Eucharist 11:30am (Welsh)
St Cian, Llangian
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Engan’s Church, Llanengan 9am (English)
St Engan, Llanengan
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Cian’s Church, Llangian 9am (English)
St Hywyn, Aberdaron
Sunday 10:30am (Bilingual)
St Maelrhys, Llanfaelrhys
Sunday Evening Prayer 2pm (Welsh)
3rd Sunday of month Eucharist 2pm (Bilingual)
St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Sunday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)

Midweek Services

St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Wednesday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
Wednesday Bible Study 11am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Tuesday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
Friday Benediction 3pm (Bilingual)
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What’s On

Within Bro Enlli there are often events beyond our Sunday and midweek services. Concerts, celebratory services, exhibitions, coffee mornings etc. and much more.

You can find out what’s happening in any of our churches through the google calendar and download the information to your device.


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Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Am 6 wythnos - for 6 weeks
Bob nos Fercher - Wednesday evenings
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Neges oddi wrth Esgob Andy - Ein defnydd o gyfryngau cymdeithasol
Mae wedi bod yn boen meddwl i mi weld, o fewn ein hesgobaeth ni dros yr wythnosau diwethaf, enghreifftiau o aelodau’r Eglwys yn defnyddio'r cyfryngau cymdeithasol i rannu deunydd annymunol, anadeiladol.

Rwyf am ailadrodd y neges - i bawb sy'n rhan o'n teulu esgobaethol - bod yn rhaid i'n hymgysylltiad ar-lein fod yn garedig ac yn ddoeth. Mae ymgysylltu caredig a doeth ar-lein yn rhan o fywyd disgybl Cristnogol, ac mae'n dda i bob un ohonom fyfyrio ar ein defnydd o gyfryngau cymdeithasol ac ar ein perthnasoedd digidol.

Mae Egwyddorion y Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol yr Eglwys yng Nghymru wedi’u hysgrifennu gyda chlerigion mewn golwg, ond maent yn cynnwys arweiniad defnyddiol i bawb sy’n rhan o deulu ein hesgobaeth. Mae'r Egwyddorion canlynol, yn benodol, yn berthnasol i bob un ohonom:

1. Byddwch garedig. Meddyliwch am ryngweithio ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol fel sgwrs rhyngoch chi, Duw ac eraill. Byddwch glên wrth eraill a stiwardiwch eich presenoldeb ar-lein yn ofalus. Dylech osgoi gael eich tynnu i ddadlau ar-lein a byddwch yn ymwybodol pryd i gamu’n ôl o sefyllfa cyn i bethau waethygu. Peidiwch â gwneud sylwadau difenwol am unigolion neu grwpiau eraill na phostio delweddau amhriodol neu ddolenni i gynnwys amhriodol.

2. Os mewn amheuaeth, peidiwch â phostio. Os nad ydych yn siŵr a yw’ch post yn briodol - am ba reswm bynnag - peidiwch â’i bostio. Gofynnwch i ffrind neu gydweithiwr am gyngor ac ystyriwch newid eich neges yn unol â hynny.

3. Peidiwch â gwneud dim y gellid ei ystyried yn wahaniaethu yn erbyn rhywun, neu’n fwlio neu’n aflonyddu, er enghraifft trwy: (i) gwneud sylwadau ymosodol neu ddifenwol mewn perthynas â rhyw, ailbennu rhywedd, hil (gan gynnwys cenedligrwydd), anabledd, cyfeiriadedd rhywiol, crefydd neu gred neu oedran; (ii) defnyddio’r cyfryngau cymdeithasol i fwlio unigolyn arall; (iii) postio delweddau sy’n gwahaniaethu neu’n sarhaus.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Message from Bishop Andy - Our use of social media
It has pained me to see, within our own diocese over recent weeks, Church members using social media posts to share uncharitable and unedifying content.

I want to reiterate the message - to all who are part of our diocesan family - that our engagement online must be kind and wise. Kind and wise engagement online is part of Christian discipleship, and it is good for all of us to reflect on our use of social media and on our digital relationships.

The Church in Wales’s Social Media Principles are written with clergy in mind, but they contain useful guidance for all who are part of our diocesan family. The following Principles, in particular, are relevant to all of us:

1. Be kind. Think of social media interactions as a conversation between you, God and others. Treat others with kindness and steward your online presence with care. Avoid getting into arguments online and recognise when to step away from a situation before it escalates. Do not make defamatory comments about individuals or other groups or post images that are inappropriate or post links to inappropriate content.

2. If in doubt, don’t post. If you are not sure your post is appropriate – for whatever reason – don’t post it. Ask the advice of a friend or colleague and consider changing your message accordingly.

3. Do not do anything that could be considered discriminatory against, or bullying or harassment of, any individual, for example by: (i) making offensive or derogatory comments relating to sex, gender reassignment, race (including nationality), disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or age; (ii) using social media to bully another individual; (iii) posting images that are discriminatory or offensive.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Weekly letter from Andrew
Dear all
I do hope that you are all well and safe - much love and prayers to you.
A few announcements first:
- the Aberdaron evensong services will recommence on Wednesday the 21st of July at 7-30 and then on the following Wednesdays each week

- the induction of Fr. Rhun as Ministry Area Leader of Bro Enlli will take place in St. Peter's Church, Pwllheli on Sunday the 29th of August at 3pm - we look forward to welcoming the family.

- many congratulations to Jenny Lane (who worships with us in Llanbedrog) on her appointment as the Provincial President of the Mother's Union. Before that she was the Diocesan President (Bangor) and now all of the Church in Wales can benefit from her ministry.

- There will be a treasurers meeting on Thursday evening the 22nd of July at 6pm in Llanbedrog church - I'm grateful to our treasurers for all they do. Also there will be a MAC / PCC on Wednesday evening the 28th of July at 6pm in St Peter's church, Pwllheli - this will be an important meeting to prepare for our next Bro Enlli 'chapter' as we prepare to welcome Fr. Rhun, Magda, Ioan, Mari and Elis.

- There will be a meeting at Aberdaron church on Monday afternoon the 2nd of August at 2pm - this will be an exciting meeting as we welcome the Diocesan 'Llan' team to explore the way forward for the 'Pererin' (pilgrimage) project. Although this project will be located at St Hywyn's in Aberdaron, it will in fact be a Bro Enlli 'adventure' and so people from all our churches can attend the meeting

- a reminder that our Bro Enlli zoom worship will be changing to offering them on a monthly arrangement at 4-30 on Sunday and repeated on Wednesdays. The next one will be on July 25 and 28 . Further details from Susan Fogarty on susanfogarty@gmail.com

- Bro Enlli website: www.broenlli.com
This weekend we begin a new pair of reflections on Paul's reference to spiritual gifts as he writes to the Corinthians (1 Corinthians, chapter 12, verses 1-12) and this week we turn to the spiritual gift of 'healing'.
"But Peter said, 'I have no silver or gold, but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk'. And he took him by the right hand and raised him up; and immediately his feet and ankles were made strong. Jumping up, he stood and began to walk, and he entered the temple with them, walking and leaping and praising God" (Acts 3.6-8).

One of the striking realities of both the Gospels and the book of Acts is the high number of people who have physical or mental illnesses (described as unclean spirits). As Jesus and his disciples encountered these people, he and they must have been deeply affected by them. Meeting those who were disfigured by suffering probably left a mark on Jesus' humanity and that of the disciples, eliciting their compassion and attentiveness to those in need. Healing as performed by Jesus and some of the other disciples always carries a significant theological dimension as they portray the 'gospel in action' and are always moments in which the Kingdom of God is revealed.

In this passage from the book of Acts, it is Peter who performs the act of healing and the account follows the usual healing pattern described in the Gospels - namely, the exposition of the illness (Acts 3.1-5), the healer's words and gestures (verse 8) and the effect on the bystanders (verses 9-10). In verses 6 - 8, Peter heals the lame man by using the name of Christ. 'Name' and 'power' are parallel concepts (this is also to be seen in Acts 4.7) and Peter's invocation of the name of Jesus empowers him to perform the act of healing. This is in no way a magical performance but the medium through which the risen and ascended Christ continues his ministry of healing that was granted as a result of confession of faith in him (see also Acts 3.16 and 4.10).

We may not be great healers, but we can contribute to the healing of others in simple and faithful ways, thus enabling Jesus' ministry to continue in our midst today.

The deepest human needs and longings, pre-Christian as well as Christian, are met by the encompassing love of God which descends into the world, surrounding and penetrating us.

Encompassing prayer

My Christ! My Christ! My shield, my encircler,
Each day, each night, each light, each dark:
My Christ! My Christ! my shield, my encircler,
Each day, each night, each light, each dark.
Be near me, uphold me, my treasure, my triumph,
In my lying, in my standing, in my watching, in my sleeping.
Jesus, Son of Mary! my helper, my encircler,
Jesus, Son of David! my strength everlasting:
Jesus, Son of Mary! my helper, my encircler,
Jesus, Son of David! my strength everlasting.

(from Alexander Macdonald's Carmina Gadelica - a collection of early Celtic poetry from the Scottish tradition)

With much love
Andrew x
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Llythyr oddi wrth Andrew
Annwyl bawb
Mawr obeithiaf eich bod yn iach ac yn saff - llawer o gariad a gweddiau atoch.

Ychydig o gyhoeddiadau i gychwyn:
- fe fydd gwasanaethau'r gosber yn ail gychwyn yn Eglwys Aberdaron ar 21ain o Orffennaf a wedyn pob nos Fercher

- fe fydd gwasanaeth sefydlu y Tad Rhun yn cael ei gynnal yn eglwys Pwllheli ar y 29ain o fis Awst am 3 o'r gloch

- llongyfarchiadau i Jenny Lane, sydd yn addoli yn Llanbedrog, ar ei phenodiad fel llywydd Undeb y Mammau dros Gymru

- fe fydd yna gyfarfod trysyroddion yn eglwys Llanbedrog nos Iau Gorffennaf 22 am 6 o'r gloch - diolch am waith y trysyroddion. Hefyd fe fydd yna gyfarfod o'r CAW / PCC nos Fercher Gorffennaf 28 am 6 o'r gloch yn eglwys Pwllheli - fe fydd hwn yn gyfarfod pwysig wrth i ni baratoi ar gyfer pennod newydd ym mywyd Bro Enlli ac wrth i ni edrych ymlaen i groesawu y Tad Rhun, Magda, Ioan, Mari ac Elis

- fe fydd yna gyfarfod yn Aberdaron p'nawn dydd Llun Awst 2 am 2 o'r gloch - fe fydd hwn yn gyfarfod cyffrous iawn wrth i ni gychwyn trafod cynllun 'Pererin' dan adain cynllun 'Llan' yr esgobaeth - mae'r cyfarfod yn agored i bobl Bro Enlli yn gyffredinol gan mai prosiect Bro Enlli fydd o, ond wedi'w leoli yn Sant Hywyn, Aberdaron

- Gair i ddweud fod addoliad zoom Bro Enlli - susanfogarty@gmail.com - yn newid braidd. Rydym am gynnal y gwasanaeth yma unwaith y mis ar y Sul am 4-30 a wedyn eto ar bnawn Mercher am 4-30 - manylion gan Susan. Fe fydd yr un nesaf ar Gorffennaf 25 a 28.

- gwefan Bro Enllii: www.broenlli.com

Dros y penwythnos yma dewch i ni gychwyn par o fyfyrdodau newydd ar ddoniau ysbrydol yr apostol Paul (I Corinthiaid 12.1-12) gan ganolbwyntio yr wythnos yma ar y ddawn o 'iachau'.
"Dywedodd Pedr, 'Arian ac aur nid oes gennyf; ond yr hyn sydd gennyf, hynny yr wyf yn ei roi i ti; yn enw Iesu Grist o Nasareth, cod a cherdda'. A gafaelodd ynddo gerfydd ei law dde, a chododd ef. Ac ar unwaith cryfhaodd ei draed a'i fferau; neidiodd i fyny, safodd, a dechreuodd gerdded, ac aeth i mewn gyda hwy i'r deml dan gerdded a neidio a moli Duw". (Actau 3.6-8)

Un o'r pethau trawiadol yn yr Efengylau a llyfr yr Actau ydi'r nifer o bobl sydd yn dioddef o afiechyd meddwl a chorff (a maent yn cael eu disgrifio fel afiechydion aflan). Wrth i Iesu a'i ddisgyblion gyfarfod a'r bobl yma, mae'n degyg iddynt gael eu effeithio drwy brofiad y cyfarfod. Wrth gyfarfod a'r bobl yma - pobl oedd wedi'w heintio a dioddefaint - mae'n debyg fod dynoliaeth Iesu a'i ddisgyblion wedi'w creithio ac yn arwain iddynt ddangos tosturi tuag at y rhai oedd mewn angen. Roedd gweinidogath iachau Iesu a'i ddisgyblion yn cynnwys dimensiwn ddiwinyddol bwysig, wrth iddynt fynd ati i bortreadu'r 'efengyl ar waith' a mae'r weinidogaeth allweddol yma yn cynnig cip-olwg ar ddatguddiad y Deyrnas.
Yn y darn yma o lyfr yr Actau, Pedr sydd yn cael y fraint o weithredu iachad a mae'r hanes yn dilyn y patrwm arferol o weinidogaeth iachad yn yr Efengylau - sef, disgrifiad o'r salwch, (Actau 3.1-5), geiriau a gweithredoedd y iachawr (Actau 3.8) ac wedyn, yr effaith ar y rhai sydd yn dystion i'r iachad (Actau 3.9-10). Yn yr adnodau dwi wedi'w dyfynnu uchod (Actau 3.6-8) mae Pedr yn iachau y dyn sydd yn gloff drwy ddefnyddio 'enw' Crist. Yn wir, mae yna berthynas agos iawn yn y Testament Newydd rhwng 'enw' a 'nerth' (gwelir hyn hefyd yn Actau 4.7) a mae'r ffaith fod Pedr yn galw ar enw Crist yn ei alluogi i berfformio y weithred arbennig o fedru iachau. Nid perfformiad o 'fagic' mo hwn, ond cyfrwng sydd yn sicrhau fod gweinidogaeth iachau y Crist atgyfodedig yn parhau i'r dyfodol (gwelir hefyd Actau 3.16 a 4.10).

Efallai nid ydym ni yn iachawyr pybyr, ond, yn sicr, y medrwn gyfrannu i iachad eraill drwy weithredu gweithredoedd syml a ffyddlon, ac felly sicrhau fod gweinidogaeth iachau y Crist atgyfodedig yn digwydd yn ein plith ni heddiw.

I gyfarfod ag anghenion a dyheadau dyfnaf y ddynoliaeth, y rhai cyn-Gristnogol, fel y rhai Cristnogol,
daw cariad hollgwmpasog Duw, sy'n disgyn i'r byd
gan ein hamgylchynu a threiddio drwom.

Gweddi o'n hamgylch

Fy Nghrist! Fy Nghrist! fy nharian, f'amgylchynwr,
Bob dydd, bob nos, bob goleuni, bob gwyll:
Fy Nghrist! Fy Nghrist! fy nharian, f'amgylchynwr,
Bob dydd, bob nos, bob goleuni, bob gwyll.
Bydd agos ataf, bydd gefn im, fy nhrysor, fy ngorfoledd,
Yn fy ngorwedd, yn fy sefyll, yn fy ngwylio, yn fy huno.
Iesu, Fab Mair! fy nghymorth, f'amgylchynwr,
Iesu, Fab Dafydd! fy nerth byth bythoedd:
Iesu, Fab Mair! fy nghymorth, f'amgylchynwr,
Iesu, Fab Dafydd! fy nerth byth bythoedd.

(allan o Alexander Macdonald Carmina Gadelica, casglaid cynnar o weddiau Celtaidd o draddodiad yr Alban)

Gyda llawer o gariad
Andrew x


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Due to the lifting of  some Covid-19 safety restrictions all of our churches are now open for regular services.

The wearing of masks & social distancing are obligatory.  At Eucharist Services only communion wafers are given.