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Welcome to our family of seven Anglican churches which stretch from the market town of Pwllheli along the beautiful and stunning southern coastline of The Llŷn Peninsula towards Aberdaron.

Bro is a Welsh word that infers a distinct geographical area. Enlli is the Sacred Island that the pilgrim paths, connecting all of our churches lead to, at the end of the Peninsula.

We are an Inclusive Church, within the Bangor Diocese of The Church in Wales, which have sought to Worshipping God, Grow the Church and Love the World since the 6th century.

Christianity has been a living faith on the Llyn Peninsula for well over 1400 years. The fact that so many of the churches in the area are dedicated to the saints of those early years bears testimony to the fact that the Christian faith has been cherished and continues to be cherished since those early days. Almost all of those early Christian Celtic saints who converted the people of Wales were travelling missionaries. The location of sites dedicated to these early missionaries indicates that they settled in our area and thus began the mission that we ourselves in these modern days are privileged to continue. The people of the Llŷn Peninsula have welcomed pilgrims and visitors for a thousand years and it is wonderful that we are able to welcome YOU to our churches.

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Sunday Services

Church of the Holy Cross, Llannor
Sunday Eucharist 11:30am (Welsh)
St Cian, Llangian
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Engan’s Church, Llanengan 9am (English)
St Engan, Llanengan
Alternate Sundays Eucharist with St Cian’s Church, Llangian 9am (English)
St Hywyn, Aberdaron
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
St Maelrhys, Llanfaelrhys
Sunday Evening Prayer 2pm (Welsh)
3rd Sunday of month Eucharist 2pm (Bilingual)
St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Sunday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Sunday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)

Midweek Services

St Pedrog, Llanbedrog
Wednesday Eucharist 10am (Bilingual)
Wednesday Bible Study 11am (Bilingual)
St Peter, Pwllheli
Tuesday Eucharist 10:30am (Bilingual)
Friday Benediction 3pm (Bilingual)
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Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Llythyr oddi wrth Esgob Andy ~ Letter from Bishop Andy
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Saturday letter from Andrew

Dear all
I do hope that you are all well and safe - much love and prayers to you.
A few announcements first:
- all our churches will re-open for public worship on Palm Sunday
- a reminder that our Bro Enlli zoom worship continues at 4-30 every Sunday and repeated on Wednesdays - details from Susan Fogarty on susanfogarty@gmail.com
- Our Bro Enlli AGM will be held on Thursday evening the 6th of May at 6pm in St Peter's Church Pwllheli and this will include the presentation of the 2020 accounts.
- Bro Enlli website which includes the latest development namely the poster feature event and our Facebook page can now be accessed direct from the website: www.broenlli.com

And so we come to the last of our Lent Covenants and the Old Testament reading this Passion Sunday comes from the book of Jeremiah (31.31-34) and it's well worth reading the passage. At a first glance you might be tempted to say 'at last a nice easy covenant which calls upon us to do nothing as God is going to give us all we need in regards to our own covenants with him'. But I'm sorry to have to tell you that it isn't that simple. The words that Jeremiah is speaking to his people on behalf of God are actually very hard to hear. Basically, what Jeremiah is saying to them is that the covenant God made of old with Noah, Abraham and Moses has been broken.
I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land was and is the most defining moment in the history of the Jewish people and they base all their identity and their claims on God on that very covenant. You will remember me describing the final moments of the Exodus, just before they crossed the Jordan to enter the new land, when Moses told them in no uncertain terms that they had a choice to make; a choice between life or death, life with God, or life with something less than God. I then asked us to consider whether they made the right choice? I left the question hanging in the air and didn't offer an answer because I knew that this conversation between the descendants of the Exodus people and Jeremiah was looming!

Jeremiah told them firmly: you have broken that covenant and the people made the wrong choice and over the years things have got worse. The prophet implies that the people are actually incapable of faithfulness and love of God. The time has come, Jeremiah says, to wipe the slate clean, start all over again and form a new covenant - only in this way can God achieve what he originally set to do when he first created people. But if Jeremiah correctly describes failure and longing and hope, he does not yet know how God will fulfil this promise of a new covenant.

As Christians we believe that it is not until New Testament times (500 years after Jeremiah) and New Testament experiences occur that we discover how God will set about to fulfil his promise. The new covenant, carved on the human heart, is the promise God makes to us in Jesus. The cost of God keeping his promise to us, despite peoples inability to keep their (our) side of it, is written on the human heart, the human life and death of Jesus. The way God does fulfil his promise is to come himself as one of us in and through Jesus.
And so when, in the book of Jeremiah, God promises his people that they shall know him intimately, this is what he means - the people will recognize God because he has become one of them (one of us) in the person of Jesus. In our reading of the Gospels we see Jesus' struggle and his pain and his costly obedience and we recognize it as the truth about our own humanity. Just as God promises in Jeremiah, Jesus is not our example - we are no more capable of copying him than Jeremiah's people were of keeping the covenants of old. In Jesus, God does both sides of the covenant - he makes the promise and faithfully keeps it on our behalf.
Our journey through Lent has at last brought us to the threshold of this New Covenant and we are now called to respond in prayer and that is a risky thing - because if we really pray we take a big risk because by doing so we are actually saying: 'Here I am Lord, send me'. God may take us at our word! And so let this 'threshold prayer' be ours as we journey closer and closer to the Cross and to Easter and let's see where it leads us.

Meditation and a Prayer for Passion Sunday

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you,
because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.
Holy God,
holy and strong,
holy and immortal, have mercy on us.
We glory in your cross, O Lord,
and praise and glorify your holy resurrection:
for by virtue of the cross
joy has come to the whole world.
Lord God, our heavenly Father,
look, we pray, with your divine pity
on the pains of all your children;
and grant that the passion of our Lord
and his infinite love
may make fruitful for good
the tribulations of the innocent,
the sufferings of the sick,
and the sorrows of the bereaved;
through him who suffered in our flesh
and died for our sake,
your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

With much love
Andrew x

Here is the link to the Diocesan website where you can click to read the Bishop's letter and more material:

Photo: Porth Neigwl from Y Rhiw by Steve Zhitnik, Conneticut U.S.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Llythyr oddi wrth Andrew,

Annwyl bawb
Mawr obeithiaf eich bod yn iach ac yn saff - llawer o gariad a gweddiau atoch.
Ychydig o gyhoeddiadau i gychwyn:
- fe fydd ein heglwysi i gyd yn ail agor ar Sul y Blodau
- Gair i'ch hatgoffa fod addoliad zoom Bro Enlli - susanfogarty@gmail.com - yn dal i fynd ymlaen bob Sul am 4-30 a wedyn eto ar bnawn Mercher am 4-30 - manylion gan Susan
- dwi am alw gyfarfod o'r Festri Pasg ar gyfer Bro Enlli nos Iau y 6ed o Fai yn eglwys Pwllheli yn cynnwys cyflwyno ein adroddiad ariannol.
- gwefan Bro Enlli ac erbyn hyn mae yna dudalen sydd yn cynnwys y gwahanol ddigwyddiadau (poster feature events) a'r modd i gysylltu a Facebook Bro Enlli: www.broenlli.com
Ac felly dyma ni wedi cyrraedd terfyn y gyfres ar gyfamodau wrth i ni ddathlu Sul y Dioddefaint. Mae darlleniad yr Hen Destament y penwythnos yma yn dod o lyfr y proffwyd Jeremeia (31.31-34) a gwerth chweil fydda darllen y darn diddorol yma. Wrth i ni gymeryd cipolwg sydyn ar y darn, y temtasiwn ydi meddwl fod y cyfamod o soniwyd amdano yn y darn yn un syml iawn ac yn un sydd ddim yn gofyn i ni wneud dim oherwydd mae Duw am rhoi popeth i ni er mwyn sicrhau dyfodol ein cyfamod ag ef. Ond, mae'n ddrwg gen i ddweud nad ydi pethau mor syml a hynny ac fe fydd angen mwy na chipolwg sydyn ar yr hyn sydd yn cael i ddweud! Mae'r geiriau o enau Jeremeia ar ran Duw yn eiriau caled i ddweud y gwir. Yr hyn mae Jeremeia yn ddweud o ddifri ydi fod y cyfamodau a wnaethpwyd rhwng Duw a Noa, Abraham a Moses bellach yn doriedig.
Nes i son rhai wythnosau yn ol mai'r daith o'r Aifft i Wlad yr Addewid - yr Exodus - oedd y profiad mwyaf diffiniol yn hanes yr Iddewon ac ar y profiad yma mae holl draddodiadau Iddewiaeth wedi'w sylfaenu a'u gwreiddio - yma mae'r Iddewon yn dod i adnobod eu gwir hunaniaeth a gwir ystyr eu perthynas a Duw. Fe gofiwch i mi ddisgrifio eiliadau olaf yr Iddewon cyn iddynt groesi yr Iorddonen a myned i mewn i'r wlad newydd a Moses yn dweud wrthynt yn gadarn iawn fod yna ddewis allweddol i'w wneud cyn iddynt gychwyn y broses o ymgartrefu; y dewis rhwng bywyd neu farwolaeth, bywyd hefo Duw neu'r bywyd hefo rhywbeth llai na Duw. Hefyd mi ofynais i ni ystyried pa ddewis a wnaethpwyd yr adeg honno - a wnaeth y bobl ddewis yn iawn? Nes i ddim ateb y cwestiwn bryd hynny a mi adawais y cwestiwn yn hongian braidd oherwydd roeddwn yn ymwybodol o'r darlleniad yma heddiw a chyd-destun y cyfamod olaf 'ma - y sgwrs bwysig rhwng Jeremeia a disgynyddion cyndeidiau yr exodus.
Fe ddywedodd Jeremeia wrthynt, heb flewyn ar ei dafod: rydych wedi torri y cyfamod a wnaethpwyd gynt ac fe ddewisodd y bobl y dewis anghywir a dros y blynyddoedd mae pethau wedi gwaethygu. Mae'r proffwyd yn bron a dweud fod y bobl yn analluog i fedru dangos ffyddlondeb ac ufudd-dod tuag at Dduw. Bellach mae'r amser wedi dod, meddai Jeremeia, i gychwyn unwaith eto a chreu cyfamod newydd - dim ond fel hyn y bydd Duw yn medru gwireddu yr hyn oedd wedi bwriadu ar gyfer ei bobl o'r cychwyn cyntaf. Ond os oedd Jeremeia yn gywir yn ei ddisgrifiad o fethiant, hiraeth a gobaith, doedd ganddo ddim syniad eto y modd y bydd Duw yn cyflawni ei addewid o Gyfamod Newydd.
Fel Cristnogion, rydym yn credu mai yng nghyfnod y Testament Newydd (500 mlynedd ar ol Jeremeia) ac ym mhrofiadau a ddisgrifir yn y Testament Newydd y gwelir y modd mae Duw yn gwireddu'r Cyfamod Newydd ac wrth gwrs yn gwneud hynny drwy berson Iesu Grist - yng Nghrist mae darganfod y cyfamod yma, cyfamod sydd wedi'w ysgrifennu ar galonnau pobl Dduw. Y ffordd mae Duw yn cyflawni ei addewid ydi dod i'r byd fel un ohonom ni.
Ac felly pan mae Duw yn dweud, drwy enau Jeremeia, ei fod yn gwneud addewid i'w bobl ac y byddant yn dod i'w adnabod yn agosach, yr hyn mae o'n olygu ydi - fe fydd y bobl yn dod i adnabod Duw oherwydd ei fod wedi dod i'r byd ac wedi byw fel un ohonom ym mherson Crist. Wrth i ni ddarllen a dod i ddeall gwir galon yr Efengylau, fe welwn frwydrau a dioddefiadau Crist yn ogystal a'i ufudd-dod drud, ac ynddynt dod i adnabod ein hunaniaeth ni yn well a'n profiadau. Drwy ein dealltwriaeth o'r efengylau fe welwm mai yn y Cyfamod Newydd 'ma, mae Duw yn cymeryd gofal o ddwy ochr o'r cyfamod - yr addewid a'r ffyddlondeb i gadw'r cyfamod er ein mwyn.
Felly, mae ein siwrne drwy'r Grawys bellach wedi dod a ni at drothwy neu riniog y Cyfamod Newydd; yma a rwan rydym yn cael ein galw i ymateb drwy weddi - ymateb efallai sydd yn ddipyn o risg! Oherwydd, os awn ati i weddio o ddifri yr hyn fyddwn ni'n ddweud, wrth i ni gamu dros y rhiniog a gwynebu'r Groglith a'r Pasg go iawn, ydi 'Dyma fi Dduw, anfon fi'. Efallai y bydd Duw yn cymeryd ni ar ein gair! Ac felly dowch i'n 'Gweddi Trothwy' fod yn un dwys ac yn un o ddifrif wrth i ni deithio yn agosach ac yn agosach at y Pasg a disgwyl yn amyneddgar i weld i ble y bydd Duw yn ein harwain.
Myfyrdod a Gweddi ar gyfer Sul y Dioddefaint
Addolwn di, O Grist, a bendithiwn di,
oherwydd trwy dy groes sanctaidd fe brynaist y byd.
Dduw sanctaidd,
sanctaidd a chryf,
sanctaidd ac anfarwol, trugarha wrthym.
Gogoneddwn dy groes, O Arglwydd,
a molwn a mawrygwn dy atgyfodiad sanctaidd:
oherwydd trwy rinwedd y groes
daeth llawenydd i'r byd.
Arglwydd Dduw, ein Tad nefol,
edrych, gweddiwn arnat, a'th ddwyfol drugaredd
ar boenau pawb o'th blant;
a chaniata i ddioddefaint ein Harglwydd
a'i gariad diderfyn
ddwyn ffrwyth daioni
o drallodau'r diniwed,
dioddefiadau'r claf,
a gofidiau'r rhai sydd mewn profedigaeth;
trwyddo ef a ddioddefodd yn ein cnawd
ac a fu farw drosom,
dy Fab ein Gwaredwr Iesu Grist. Amen.
Gyda llawer o gariad
Andrew x

Llun: Porth Neigwl o Y Rhiw, gan Steve Zhitnik, Conneticut U.S.
Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
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This week’s Reflection: Seeing Ourselves in the Mirror of Prayer
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Bro Enlli
Bro Enlli
Dydd Sul y Mamau, Mothers' Day Services

St Pedrog 10yb, St Pedr 10.30 yb a St Hywyn 10.30yb
Llanbedrog10am, Pwllheli 10.30am & Aberdaron 10.30am


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